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Cleaning methods for rubber flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, in the water used for cleaning, add 1 cups of fabric detergent to each half of the water to make the rubber floor look like a new waxing.

Second, the use of multifunctional detergent solution to clean the rubber floor of the effect is very good.

First of all, we should carefully read the precautions on the product label, preferably in the floor at the corner of the test before use.

Thirdly, remove the footprints on the rubber floor can be dipped in the liquid floor wax high-wire cotton, wipe the process to gently wipe off stains, and then dry with a damp cloth.

Four, often use a detergent or dewaxing agent to remove the accumulated wax.

Five, The solvent-based product may soften and destroy the rubber floor.

Six, do not wash the floor with water, too much water will make the floor of the adhesive off.