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Main features of rubber flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring, is the floor of natural rubber and other synthetic rubber. In appearance, it's bright and bright color, the texture is as soft as rubber, suitable for sports as a cushion for sports occasions. Rubber flooring as the ground decoration material has been popular in developed countries for decades, and has been widely used.

But in our country just rise. Floor decoration is an important part of building decoration.

The general summary of the ground decoration materials, generally have the following types:

(1) floor paint or floor wax;

(2) Ceramic flooring (various tiles, quartz bricks, etc.);

(3) Stone ground (marble, granite, stone floor);

(4) Textile Paving (wool carpet, chemical fiber carpet, etc.);

(5) Wooden flooring (wood flooring, composite wood flooring);

(6) Synthetic material floor tile (stone plastic flooring, rubber flooring, floor leather, etc.).