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Rubber Flooring product range and product features
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber Flooring Most raw materials imported raw materials, so that it has a special fire retardant, oil-resistant, sound-absorbing, anti-static, high elasticity and other special properties.

Rubber flooring can be produced by the high-grade color rubber flooring color rich and varied, product color lines can be customized production.

Rubber floor blocks can be produced (round floating point, round floating point scatter, square floating point, square floating point scatter, monochrome plane, plane scatter, hammer strike, hammer pattern scatter flower)

Rubber flooring can be produced (monochrome, two-color flowers, three-color flowers, small floral, composite flowers, imitation leather, hammer-like coil)

Rubber stair tread (round floating-point stair tread)

Blind Road (blind spot, blind bar) skirting line Another new type of imitation stone and check the two rubber flooring sheet, Specifications (600mm*600mm), Hameno can be customized in different colors and specifications of the product.