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Rubber flooring will be a new direction for the future of ground materials
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring is not a common PVC plastic flooring, Rubber flooring price is much higher, rubber flooring in commercial and public places more widely used, such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, kindergartens and laboratories.

Because people in public places a large flow, the use of advanced elastic rubber flooring can better reduce noise, favorable to ensure normal life and work order, this shows that in the future rubber flooring will become a new trend in the development of ground materials. First of all, rubber flooring has a good environmental protection, green environmental protection is an important sign of improving the quality of life, so many consumers are favored. Hameno Rubber Floor color texture is rich, sheet material unified for the body material, which provides a strong anti-bacterial structure for rubber flooring protection.

In addition, the rubber flooring raw materials are all natural synthetic rubber, in the production process through high temperature vulcanization, so the formaldehyde content of the rubber floor is 0. Second, the safety of the rubber floor is very high. The rubber floor helps relieve knee fatigue and provides a comfortable foot feel.

Because the suspended structure of the rubber floor is designed to reduce the body's load by nearly 40% when walking, this helps to increase the comfort of the foot. Again, the rubber floor also has a good silencing effect. The sound insulation of the rubber floor is very good, can create the quiet indoor environment, is advantageous to reduces and alleviates the indoor object natural fall to the floor impact produces the noise.