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The essential difference between rubber floor and PVC plastic floor
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, the composition and the value of the production process are different: Rubber floor is the main ingredient is natural rubber or synthetic rubber, the cost of natural plastic is more than the raw materials of PVC plastic flooring many times more than the price of rubber flooring is often more than PVC plastic flooring, rubber flooring are material, PVC plastic flooring is mostly composite materials, in fire retardant, wear resistance,

Life often can not and rubber floor to do contrast, it is the rubber floor so superior performance, more and more large venues such as airports, subways, hospitals, museums, exhibition halls, art galleries, nursing homes and other places on the ground material requirements are more stringent in the use of rubber flooring. Second, different colors: rubber flooring vulcanization process is the rubber floor of the color and texture is special, in the antibacterial, wear, flame retardant, anti-skid performance, service life and so on is the PVC plastic floor can not be replaced, so the rubber floor application of the site is relatively special, the dosage is relatively large.

But the color of PVC plastic flooring is more abundant than the rubber floor. Third, the installation of different degrees of difficulty: rubber flooring to the construction of auxiliary materials and construction personnel requirements are very strict, must follow the Hameno rubber floor construction method process to install, so as to ensure the service life of rubber flooring.