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The market demand of advanced color elastic rubber flooring continues to enlarge
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber floor relative to PVC plastic flooring, the proportion of the amount of increase in the yearly, the cost of rubber flooring is also a lot of project budget must be considered, because the general PVC plastic flooring A lot, also because of the special properties of rubber flooring, such as abrasion resistance, high pressure, anti-static, service life of more than 20 years, anti-slip performance, Flame retardant and so on, but also a lot of customers more and more on the rubber flooring recognition and extensive use. With the development of China's elastic timber industry, rubber flooring in China's development process is booming, especially in recent years the industry, the United States Connaught Rubber Flooring recognition, its market capacity is also expanding.

Insiders predict that the future years of domestic rubber flooring will enter a high-speed development period. Since the first import rubber flooring in the 80 's to enter the domestic market, until 2000 the entire industry in groping and primary stage, 2000-2004 We continue to explore the study, rubber flooring has a preliminary development, 2004-2007 elastic Rubber flooring has gradually been recognized by the industry, More and more hospitals, airports, power plants, high-speed rail cars, museums, exhibition halls, schools, nursing homes, etc. began to use professional rubber flooring, more and more construction projects are also beginning to choose rubber flooring. With the 2008 Olympic Games held, as well as the entire market for rubber flooring recognition.

According to experts analysis of the industry has entered the development period. Rubber flooring is currently the world's building materials industry's most innovative high-tech paving materials. is now widely used in overseas decoration projects. Since the 80 's into the domestic market has been vigorously promoted, now business (office buildings, shopping malls, airports,), education (schools, libraries (library decoration effect), gymnasium), medicine (pharmaceutical Factory, hospital), factories and other industries widely used, and achieved satisfactory results, the use of increasing.