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The rationality of construction cost of elastic rubber floor is expounded
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Domestic flexible flooring industry since 1995, almost 20 years, even from the 1998 plastic flooring application began to calculate, there are 17 of years.

Since 17, construction costs overall in the downward trend, the construction cost of the flexible floor per square meter how much money is necessary to be reasonable? This question sounds complicated, but it's simple ——— calculate labor productivity. Resilient flooring, whether on rubber flooring or plastic flooring or linen flooring, has not revolutionized the installation process and installation technology, installation tools, or manual labor of the beneficiaries in the world for nearly 30 years.

So labor productivity can not have a big lift, everyone did not listen to the floor area of the pavement, is a basic constant quantitative. We are engaged in the production of rubber flooring for more than more than 10 years, regardless of high-end or low-end construction team, in recent years, the average per capita wages have not changed much, work plus a handyman, the per capita daily wage in 250-300 yuan is now the current level of domestic.

In addition to the tools of consumables, playing grinding, sandpaper, brooms, props, welding torch, self-leveling tools, scraper, and so on, each is the cost, the construction of the team's travel and accommodation costs, workers travel time costs, so the total cost is about 15 yuan. But why some businesses can be 12 yuan or even 11 yuan per square meter to connect the project? So the cost is reduced only one way can be simplified, that is the construction quality of the decline. Construction team in addition to not strictly according to the specifications of the process construction can save costs, that is also able to package accessories, package accessories are the most important factor of the installation quality down. Flooring manufacturers think very clever, anyway, the auxiliary materials and construction are package to you, out of the problem are yours. But short-term problems, construction costs and ancillary material costs can not compensate for the value of the floor. After a year or two, the injury is the industry's reputation, resilient flooring is not good, designers dare not design, owners of units more dare not to use.