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Why do hospitals use rubber flooring for everything?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring using green natural rubber and butyl rubber through the dense refining, coloring, calendering, vulcanization process production and processing.

In addition its better wear resistance and long service life, better noise reduction performance of more than 15 decibels, super Fire class B1 level, the resistance to cigarette head burns resistant to cigarette head burning, combustion of non-toxic fumes, super anti-slip function, halogen and heavy metal elements. Compared with foreign hospitals, the proportion of domestic hospitals in the rubber floor is not high, only in-depth understanding of the performance of our rubber flooring can make use of knowledge, and truly improve the quality of medical environment.

Can be better in the domestic large-scale hospital has been widely used. Rubber flooring vulcanization process, so that the product surface is not easy to incorporate dirt. Antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antimicrobial treatment to prevent microorganisms from reproducing inside and outside the rubber floor. The rubber floor is an allover structure, which can skillfully disperse the walking pressure and damping performance, and ensure the safety of walking. The surface of the hammer structure design more highlighting the advantages of wear and anti-skid damping, our products have been added to a special rubber flooring promoter, to ensure constant dimensional stability, and ensure that the floor is not deformed, not damaged. At the same time, the high elastic buffer can avoid the bruise caused by the patient's fall.   Good practicality and ultra-high cost-effective, especially suitable for the hall, operating room, corridor large area application area. With the rubber flooring more and more in the good application of large hospitals and successful popularization, I believe Hameno rubber flooring will be more for everyone to provide excellent products and provide more overall medical system application program.