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Why most museum galleries are made of rubber flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

In the past two years, rubber flooring has been widely applied and unanimously praised by more than 10 museums, such as Guangxi Nanning Museum, Yunnan Kunming Museum, Datong Coal Museum, Shaoxing Hua Mai Museum of Calligraphy and painting, and Museum of Yangtze civilization. The advanced color elastic rubber flooring has the good features of the museum's various needs, and the museum usually uses the sea-merino solid color hammer and stone or polka-dot series of rubber flooring. The special advantages of the rubber flooring series products of the museum are: 1, good sound absorption performance, other PVC plastic flooring can not be compared. 2, the use of wear resistance for more than 20 years. 3, high-strength fire-retardant function B1 grade, 4, the same quality of pure color flower type, allover impartiality, can effectively increase wear resistance, improve the performance of ultra-strong sound absorption. 5, homogeneous pure color pattern, allover impartiality, can effectively increase the wear resistance. 6, a variety of colors to increase the museum designers creative Imagination Space. 7, a wide range of applications: Museums, exhibition halls, Science and Technology Museum, Art Museum. 8, clean convenient, easy maintenance, the service life of more than 30 years. The museum is a place for collection, collection, display and study of objects representing nature and human cultural heritage. Such an indispensable cultural institution is often the landmark of a city, and the material used in the museum is its style.

The selection of the "soft rib" of the museum by the Sea-Connaught rubber floor adds to the charm of the museum. While paying attention to the construction of museums, it is also necessary to take into account the safety of visitors. Similar to the museum, libraries and other public areas, because of cultural effects attract a steady stream of visitors, from hairs old to yellow hair children, the large span of the age level to the safety of the ground put forward higher requirements. The cushioning effect of elastic rubber floor has successfully reached the safety requirement, when the pressure is met, the rubber floor can disperse, absorb the impact energy, avoid the knock injury caused by the fall. At the same time, high-quality sea-Connaught rubber flooring, excellent full-body elastic design can form a good sound insulation effect, provide a quiet visit to the environment, become a non-installed roof load in the case of noise reduction method.