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Why not the same lot of rubber floor will slightly colored bad
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The color of the rubber floor is as bright and colorful as the landscape of the natural scenery, each different color needs different color masterbatch with different proportions, through the palette of strict and fine matching to meet the different needs of customers. Rubber floor is divided into Coil series and sheet series, at the same time the coil series is divided into monochrome flat series, three-color series, a small flat series of flowers, planar composite flower series and monochrome hammer strike pattern and hammer Tattoo Floral series. The sheet is divided into round floating-point series, orange Peel series, check series, Hammer and stone lines and so on.

The difference between the production process of coil and sheet makes the difference between them. Sheet conventional is through the four-layer plate drum vulcanizing machine through a fixed time of high temperature vulcanization molding, each layer is the same texture of the mold, temperature is the same temperature. There is almost no chromatic aberration in the same batch of products or in different batches of products. Therefore, the stability of the sheet is relatively stable relative to a lot of coil material. The production process of coiled materials is more complicated, first of all, before the calendering must be a daily need to color the surface and the adhesive, and then after parking, after the calender. However, the conventional coil is divided into 2.0mm and 3.0mm, in order to prevent the production of excessive bubbles, calendering is generally divided into (+) mm or (1+2) mm mode, so as to meet the quality requirements of qualified products. Why is the color stability of the coil material is slightly close to the sheet, the first rubber coil must pass through the calendering mode and then through the vulcanizing machine, and sheet directly through the closed-type plate vulcanizing machine, so the temperature stability of the coil is not the same as the temperature stability of the sheet is better, which will easily cause the same batch coil products also slightly color difference But almost the same. Therefore, the different batches of rubber flooring must have a certain chromatic aberration, and the different batches of sheet relative color difference is much better.