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How To Identify The Quality Of Domestic Brand Rubber Flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring Some domestic manufacturers in order to occupy a place in the market, unscrupulous to reduce costs, with a composite layer of low-cost rubber, shoddy, to absorb improper profits. So how can we better identify the quality of the rubber flooring good or bad? First, the rubber floor is made of natural rubber or SBR rubber as the main material for vulcanization.

If the rubber floor wear resistance and very prone to scratches, indicating that the raw materials in the rubber composition is relatively small, you can judge this brand of rubber flooring must not reach the national testing requirements. Chromatic aberration is the most common problem in the rubber floor, the products of the sheet series are relatively rare, often appear in the volume of different volumes will occasionally appear slightly chromatic aberration, which is different from the production of sheet metal vulcanization process. Coil occasionally appear a little chromatic aberration is normal phenomenon, if the chromatic aberration of each volume is very large, indicating that the product in the mixing of color masterbatch, there is a certain mixture of uneven phenomenon, it will cause the product color chromatic aberration.