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How To Maintain And Clean The Rubber Floor
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber floor is different from PVC plastic flooring, PVC plastic flooring production structure surface with wear-resistant layer, because the value of the different process texture, rubber flooring after the completion of the use of professional rubber wax water to waxing, rubber floor waxing need to pay attention to what aspects?

1, before waxing, in advance according to conventional rubber floor cleaning method to clean the ground.

2, in the dry ground with special wax drag the emulsion wax evenly coated not less than two times.

Every time the coating must be dry to repeat.

3, waxing care of the ground daily use dust push cleaning method. A special cleaning agent can be used where conditions are available.

4, deep cleaning, waxing ground in addition to conventional cleaning rubber flooring method, after a period of time, depending on the situation of ground pollution. A wax removal method can be used to remove a part of the contaminated surface wax surface, and then a new wax. The contaminated, thoroughly clear wax re-hits the new wax.