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Maintenance Of Rubber Flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring in the current social application of a lot of places, such as shopping malls, gyms, dance rooms, hotel aisles, etc., in view of the rubber flooring brand products widely used in the daily maintenance of rubber flooring must be done in place to extend the service life of rubber flooring.

1, the use of different occasions of the rubber flooring, should be used in different cleaning methods and cleaning times, by the person clean. It is usually cleaned at least once a day.

In hospitals, exhibition halls, stations and airports, such as frequent public places, daily, weekly, monthly focus on cleaning.

2, clean the rubber floor according to the site pollution situation to choose different dilution ratio, general 1:20 can, with a mop with a detergent wet drag.

3, the rubber floor local pollution serious local manual cooperation. Rubber floor wax can remove stubborn stains on the floor, by waxing the material itself with the air, reducing the damage caused by oxidation or exposure to harmful materials in the air to the material, to extend the life of materials and beautiful and smooth. It is more important that the surface of the mirror is particularly durable and can be more effective in preventing detergents, scratches, slips, heel rubs and other injuries, at the same time after polishing, the wax surface more light and more hard and more resistant to line.