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Production Process Of Hammer-embossed Rubber Flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Hammer Embossed rubber Flooring is the most classic products of more than 10 kinds of products, we probably at the airport have been aware of this kind of flower point-shaped rubber flooring, its main material is natural rubber and SBR rubber, according to different characteristics such as anti-static, B1 class high flame retardant, scratch resistance, etc., to use different main material.

Excipients are also based on the relevant characteristics to increase or decrease, hammer embossed rubber flooring is divided into sheet and coil series, his semi-finished production process is the same, just in the vulcanization of the finished product process is different, sheet using four-layer vulcanizing machine heating molding to the finished product, roll material using drum vulcanizing machine high-temperature heating molding. Airport Hammer Embossed rubber flooring is often used in airports, museum galleries, school staircases, office buildings, etc., hammer tattoo in foreign demand is relatively large, his unique modeling process in the rubber flooring series among the most classic. Hammer Embossed rubber flooring is also widely used in large museum galleries, and its anti-slip flame-retardant and protruding texture structure is the best choice for the highest flow floor.