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Rubber Floor Elasticity And Vulcanization, Accelerator, Filler RELATED LINKS
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring has a good unique elasticity advantages, so large-scale medical institutions, museums, large airports and other places, in a large number of use of rubber flooring, in general rubber flooring, BR, natural rubber elasticity of the best. 

In order to reduce the crystallization ability of natural rubber, the elasticity of vulcanized rubber can be increased with the use of butadiene rubber.

I. The relationship between elasticity and vulcanization system The elasticity of vulcanized rubber increased with the increase of cross-linking density, and the crosslinking density continued to increase, while the elasticity showed a downward trend. It is advantageous to increase the degree of vulcanization to the elasticity of rubber floor, which means that the dosage of vulcanizing agent and accelerator can be increased appropriately. The rubber floor is combined with a high-elasticity vulcanization system. Choose Sulfur + Sub-sulfonamide.

Ii. the relationship between elasticity and filling system The elasticity of the rubber floor is completely provided by the rubber molecule, so increasing the glue content is the most direct and effective way to provide high rubber floor elasticity. But in order to reduce the cost, but also to choose the appropriate filler.