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Rubber Flooring Requirements For The Formulation Process
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The formula design of the rubber floor is that the customer chooses the raw material rationally for the performance requirement of the product, and determines the dosage and the ratio relation of all kinds of raw materials. Therefore, customers often consult the flame retardant B1 grade and anti-static and can not reach the standards of imported rubber flooring. Rubber flooring material is a multi-phase system composed of raw rubber and a variety of admixture, and there are complex physical and chemical effects between each component in rubber material. At present, it is not possible to use theoretical calculation method to determine the ratio of various raw materials, and can not accurately deduce the quantitative relationship between formula and physical properties. To a certain extent, it still relies on long-term accumulated experience.

So the rubber floor to the process of the ratio is very strict, do not allow a little match error.

The entire production process of rubber flooring to the production of vulcanization can produce quality performance standards requirements, each production step must be in the design of the formula should be in a variety of aspects of comprehensive filtration.

First, to ensure the physical property specified. 

The so-called physical property is generally in the following aspects of tensile strength, tear strength, stretch stress, hardness, wear, fatigue and fatigue damage, resilience, tensile elongation, etc. 

Second, the rubber material processing, the performance is excellent, to ensure that the product high-yielding, material-saving. 

Third, low cost and cheap price.

Four, the use of raw materials in the domestic easy to purchase. 

High productivity, convenient processing, less energy consumption in the manufacturing process. Meet environmental and health safety requirements.