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The Essential Difference Between Rubber Floor And Plastic Floor
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber floor and plastic floor one word difference, material difference really is near misses difference of thousands of miles, often someone consulted we have no dozens of yuan rubber floor, suddenly let people noncommittal, rubber floor not dozens of yuan. The main raw materials of Hameno rubber flooring are synthetic rubber and natural rubbers, which do not contain PVC, plasticizer and halogen, and also do not contain formaldehyde, cadmium, asbestos, etc.

Raw materials are several times the rubber floor, so the domestic rubber floor per square meter prices are around 150 yuan. Rubber floor said the popular point is a fake, you can do with the rubber floor is very similar, do not understand the owners may be artificial this is rubber flooring, in fact, the difference between the two essential raw materials vary widely. Rubber and plastic flooring raw materials are rubber and plastic particles grinding into powder, after high-temperature calendering molding, raw materials cost and low. And the rubber floor of the raw material is its several times. So the value is completely wrong and so on.

This is why the rubber floor per flat price to be several times higher. Rubber flooring and plastic flooring you must distinguish in the material selection, rubber flooring in the service life, anti-skid wear-resistant, fire-retardant B1 grade, color texture, high elasticity, noise resistance, etc. are rubber floor incomparable.