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Why The Library Museum Exhibition Gallery Uses Rubber Flooring
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Rubber flooring has high-strength sound absorption, anti-skid, wear-resistant, flame retardant, service life of more than 20 years and other special advantages.

The variety of the rubber flooring can meet the different design of the matching and assembling. Rubber Flooring Museum Exhibition hall for all the use of rubber flooring, which is a lot of customers ask questions, as long as we have a knowledge of the performance of rubber flooring and understanding, will be in the ground material selection on the use of the sea-Connaught rubber flooring.

Popular point explanation is the rubber floor on the comfort and sound insulation effect is very good! Rubber floor anti-skid design is the best in the ground selection, so in the safety of rubber flooring can do a good job. The abrasion resistance can be comparable to any material except that it cannot be compared with marble and other stone materials.

Rubber flooring in the antibacterial aspect can also do other materials can not reach the strength, so most large medical institutions in the hospital operating room and ward all use rubber flooring, so in the cleaning you can rest assured. Rubber flooring design diversification, so in terms of aesthetics, you do have too many construction options for you to choose. Our paving construction team can provide you with any form of paving technology. Library Museum exhibition Gallery can be material sheet rubber floor, also can use coil series of rubber floor. The relative loss of the sheet is less than the coil rubber floor. So you can choose the sheet or coil series according to your design needs. Rubber floor sheet commonly used specifications have 600mm*600mm and 1000mm*1000m, the conventional thickness of 3.0mm.