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Our Service

Pre-sale service

1. Rubber floor professional knowledge training

2. Provide free sample promotional materials

3. Provide customers with relevant technical documents required by project pictures and bidding documents free of charge.

4. Free color mixing production samples according to customers' requirements.

5. According to client's project requirements, we can provide product color scheme free of charge

Contract execution

1. After the signing of the contract, we have professional sales personnel responsible for keeping close contact with the ordering party for 24 hours.

2. The factory shall guarantee the product quality in full accordance with the requirements of the customer.

3. The factory is equipped with a professional delivery driver who will deliver the goods to the relevant freight line according to the time requirements of the ordering party, and deliver the goods to the destination safely and on time.

After Service

1. After the goods arrive at the site, according to the actual situation and requirements of the customer's site, assign professional technicians to guide the construction, or introduce the professional construction team to the customer

2. When the project is completed, assist the client to do the work inspection and settlement of the project, so as to ensure the smooth work inspection.

3. When the project is put into use, if the damage is not caused by human factors, our company will be fully responsible for free maintenance within the warranty period. For the maintenance of out-of-town projects after the expiration of the warranty, only material and travel expenses will be charged.